FCA Integral ERP for sales & distribution industry gives you a comprehensive warehouse management system with the functionality you required for true end-to-end supply chain management. The solution is based on a combination of modern technology and many years of rich experience. FCA Integral offers best sales and distribution ERP in India, designed to help you plan, source, stock, sell, recover, and analyze on one unified IT platform.

FCA Integral ERP for sales & distribution industry made to meet the unique needs of your industry includes

     In-depth Supply Chain Management Solutions

     Customer Relationship Management

     Business Intelligence Warehouse Management

     Sales management

     Product data management

     Efficient Planning & Scheduling

     Strategic Finance Management

     Strong Inventory Management

     A Single Platform Solution all business process management

     Real time distribution Management through mobile & web solution

Sales And Distribution ERP – Features

     Multiple business arrangements - COFO, FOFO, etc.

     Integration with internal / external POS systems

     Inter-stock point package transfers between warehouses )

     Transfer cost on MRP, WSP, FIFO Cost, Std. Cost etc.

     Track pipeline stock across supply chain including allocated and in-transit stocks

     Logistics/Permit tracking for transfers and accounts integration

     Activity based definition of each step of stock transfer from warehouse to shop

     Can generate master barcode for goods

     Tracking for shortage / excess and transfer reconciliation

     Receipt reconciliation through package barcodes, item scan or manual tagging

Sales And Distribution ERP – Benefits

     Higher customer satisfaction through fast and reliable information, shorter delivery times, improved consulting, and quality management

     Increased liquidity through minimized warehouse stock and lead times, as well as a quick and secure backflow of resources

     Less administrative effort for purchasing, scheduling, delivery, and financial management

     Automate business processes at each customer touch point

     Optimize supply chain management

     Effectively manage service-level agreement and complaint issues

     Gain instant access to up-to–date data for more informed decision making

     Enhance customer service through direct insight into stock availability and pricing

     Increased revenue growth and sales volume

     Reduce days sales outstanding and shorter financial close cycles

     Improved opening margins and employee productivity

     Improved inventory accuracy and turns

Sales And Distribution Industry – Reports

Finance Reports
Cash /Bank Register, Day Book, Trial Balance, Ledgers, Financial Statement, Ledger Attribute Analysis and many more

Sale Reports
Sale Register & Analysis, Dispatch Register & Analysis, Sale Order Register & Analysis, Sales Executive Commission, Sales Rate & Discount Division, Gross Profit Ratio Analysis, Sale Order Vs Invoice, Sale Dispatch Vs Invoice, Sale order Vs Dispatch, and many more

Inventory/ Logistics Reports
Serial wise stock, Stock Summery, Stock Day Book, Stock Balance Analysis, Day Wise Item Receipt/ Issue, Attribute Wise Stock Analysis and many more

MIS, BI & Statutory Reports
Vat Sales Tax, Service Tax, TDS Reports, Excise Reports and many more

Purchase Reports
Purchase Order Register & Analysis, Shipping Alerts, Custom Duty Register, GRN Register & Purchase GRN Analysis, Purchase Register & Analysis, Purchase Order Vs GRN, Purchase GRN Vs Invoice, Purchase Order Vs Invoice, Purchase Rate and Discount Deviation, Agent Commission and many more


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